If you try those colour combinations your wardrobe will look totally new

Photos: Shutterstock

Sometimes wearing the same colours over and over again can get a bit boring. Black on black, beige and white, pastels with pastels – we have seen it all, we still like it (who doesn´t love an all-black outfit?), but currently, we feel like we want to mix things up a little. Most people are afraid of colour though and that´s why they stick with the same old combos for all their life. But why not be brave and risk something? You are not alone, we are here to guide you and show you the best colour combinations that make your wardrobe look totally new. 


You for sure have a lot of black, white, beige or grey clothes in your closet and you like to combine them. This is basically a good thing, you are on the safe side and will for sure look cool and classy. But don´t you want to try something new and add a little lime or acid green detail to it? Yes, you want. Wear your fav black pants and grey blazer and pair them with a colourful bag, hat, shirt or jewellery and your look will get a whole new feeling. 


We have already talked about the fact that lavender is the coolest colour of 2019. While the pastel hue is great on its own, it is even nicer when paired with some yellow pieces. You heard right, yellow and lavender make a great duo and if you think that it might be too much, we can assure you, it is not. Springtime is colourful, and your wardrobe should be as well especially after those grey and dreary winter days. 


A very springlike combination that we spotted a lot lately is green and pink. A green item alone is already an eyecatcher, but if you pair it with something pink, you´ll for sure get even more out of your outfit. At first it might sound like it would jar, but it actually goes together really well. The hues vary from grass-green to bottle green and from hot pink to rosé. The fresh colour combination reminds us of springy flower fields and gets us into the right mood for the next months.


Ok, before you say ketchup and mustard or McDonald´s, please think about it first. We believe that red and yellow are a happy combo that makes every day a little brighter. Even if some people might say that you look like hotdog sauce, you can be confident about it, because, in the end, it´s really yummy. So, get your red skirt or pants out and match it with a yellow top, be bold and spread some joy.