Which colours go with your skin tone?

6. November 2018

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Do you know if you are a spring, summer, fall or winter type? Probably not. Most people don´t, including us. Without this precious information (seriously though, who has time to actually do these tests?) finding the right coloured clothing that suits you can get a little tricky. There is so much that you should take into consideration when picking out clothes. Eye and hair colour, haircut and last but not least your skin tone. Just rushing into the stores and randomly picking out the pieces that you like is thus not always the best idea. This is why we summed the whole “which-colour-suits-me-best” topic up so that you finally know how to look your best.

If you have fair skin and maybe also some freckles, green is your go-to colour. Yes, green is not everyone´s cup of tea, but there are some shades of the colour that are actually quite nice. Think of mint, emerald or bottle green. Doesn´t sound that bad anymore right? Camel or beige pieces also work well with light skin and perfectly go with the green items.

If your skin tone is all bronzy and sunkissed, you should try out something metallic. Silver, gold, copper – it really doesn´t matter as long as it is as shiny as your skin. For a more subtle look, pair your new metallic pieces with something olive coloured, because it couldn´t be more obvious: olive skin – olive clothes, duh?

Dark-skinned girls never go wrong with anything bright and colourful. Electric blue, cherry red or yellow are the right colours for your skin tone. Bold colours look amazing against dark skin and they will make you look radiant. 


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