The right raincoats for this very messy weather

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There are times when it seems you need to wear your entire wardrobe at once since you can expect all four seasons to happen in 24 hours. Which often means that you can go for a summer-like stroll on a Sunday afternoon and even get sunburnt, but you might have to pull out your winter sweater again on Monday morning. And exactly when you’re not prepared, that’s when the weather likes to play tricks on you, with sudden showers at the most inappropriate moments that will leave you looking like a drowned rat.

Street style in Paris and London during PFW and LFW 2019

These are the days when you need a raincoat, especially in cities like Vienna, where people rarely take their cars and instead, walk to work or use public transportation. Of course, you can carry an umbrella to protect you from the rain, but the right raincoat will make your outfit much more stylish, plus, you won’t lose it as we usually do with umbrellas, as soon as it stops pouring.

Street style in Milan during MFW 2019

We selected some beautiful raincoats to help you outsmart the tricky weather in style:


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