From Audrey Hepburn to Karlie Kloss: Best looks to ride a bike Sustainable life.

Among the many new trends that the coronavirus has brought, the bicycle trend goes hand-in-hand with the desire to lead a more natural and sustainable life. But cycling while looking stylish is not as easy as it seems. In fact, finding the best looks to ride a bike can be tricky.

During Fashion Week, we sometimes see women on bikes in tight skirts and heels for the perfect Instagram picture. Be fashionable and stylish all the time is not easy, girls. Better do like the fashion icon Kate Moss on her e-bike. She wears a key piece in this summer; a polo shirt with jeans and flat shoes. It’s safe, gives her freedom of movement and looks effortless. Her minimalist bicycle outfit reminds us of another iconic woman, the actress Audrey Hepburn.

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Do it like Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn photographer riding a bike in the Paramount studios.

Who wouldn’t want to look as stylish as Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle?

[email protected]markshawarchive

Audrey Hepburn was shot by photographer Mark Shaw cycling around the Paramount Studios in the ’60s. As a true Dutch descent, the actress and muse of fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy used to cycle from makeup to set every day. She looks elegant in a timeless monochrome look; a classic top, cigarette pants and flat ballerinas. She sets a new bar for the bicycle trend with her ‘less is more’ way to dress.

Like Marion Cotillard in A Good Year

A typical Provence look for the movie “A Good Year”.

[email protected]parisianvibe

French girls are well known for their ‘je ne sais quoi‘ style. Even when riding their bikes, which they do very often, they look smart and sexy. So, why not do like the French actress Marion Cotillard and wear a flowy skirt with a white t-shirt? Complete your outfit with a cool biker jacket and espadrilles. Et voilá, you’re perfectly styled to cross the roads on your two-wheeler.

Alexa Chung is always an inspiration

Alexa Chung yellow look to ride her bicycle.

Pretty in yellow – and puffy sleeves.

[email protected]alexachung

The lovely Next in Fashion presenter, fashion designer and It-girl, Alexa Chung knows how to look fantastic to cycle. She wears a midi dress with puffy sleeves, which are still a big trend this year, from her eponymous fashion brand. To ride comfortably and give the outfit a more relaxed look, she wears a Birkenstock style sandal by Chanel. Alexa shows us how the new bicycle trend is all about luxury too.

Karlie Kloss in Santa Monica

Karlie Kloss rides a bicycle in a white dress.

Frills and embroidery for Karlie Kloss’ bike ride.

[email protected]lovekarliekarlie

To suit the sustainable way of transportation, Karlie Kloss wears a romantic dress. The frills and embroidery give a feel of hand-made, and handcrafted garments are a hot trend in 2020.

Danish Mathilde Soltoft is a bike pro

Mathilde Soltoft wears orange Bermuda shorts and pale pink oversized jacket to ride her bike.

Smart colour-block look with shorts.

[email protected]mathildesoltoft

The best looks to ride your bike in summer surely involve shorts. But leave the lycra shorts for the gym academy, you’re not taking part in the Tour de France race, are you? Wear instead, wide-leg Bermuda shorts that are smarter for women of any age. The fashion-savvy Mathilde Soltoft elevates her red-orange shorts with an oversized blazer and combines the colours masterfully.

Ride like a clever girl

Illustration of the daily life of model Alexa Chung who embodies the new  bicycle trend

Illustration on Alexa Chung’s daily life by Bozh

There is no cooler style than being safe. Here is Alexa Chung’s advice on her article for the Financial Times about riding a bike in the streets of London.

I no longer care what my head looks like when I’m cycling beyond “intact”. Years ago, I toyed with the idea of wearing a velvet horse riding helmet rather than the traditional alien cycling hat, which is democratic in its ability to make absolutely everyone look dreadful. But I presume they developed these helmets with the different modes of transport in mind so tip three: always wear a helmet.

Title photo Young actress Janet Leigh on her bike in 1947 at MGM studios. She is wearing a two-piece flannel outfit in a Safari flair. via@ridesabike