Shorts: The Trend for All Body Types and Ages How to wear it.

Trust us; shorts are the staple you will love wearing this season, even to the office. From Celine to Ganni, the biggest fashion names established this trend, showing on the catwalk cropped silhouettes that have already taken over Instagram. This summer, shorts come in a more urban and polished fashion, and you’re going to wear them everywhere, day and night. Luckily, there are so many different kinds of shorts that you will surely find one that suits your style. Either micro-shorts or Bermuda and culottes, here are our favourite ones.

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Micro shorts

Two women wearing micro shorts during Fashion Week.

For the younger ones or better saying, for the lucky fab-legged-ladies, you can replace your minis with short shorts. But don’t go for the obvious shorts in distressed denim; choose instead a tailored model with a looser cut that looks more polished or paper bag waist models that are super flattering. Pair them with a nice button-down shirt and loafers or classic sneakers.

Bermuda Shorts

Two women wearing Bermuda shorts during Fashion Week.

Bermuda shorts suit every woman and every body type. The mid-length shorts are timeless and ageless. Pair them with a blazer or a crisp white shirt for an elegant urban outfit. Bermuda suits are the ideal summer office outfit. Go for natural materials like linen and cotton, and, why not, bold florals or wave prints to add some drama to your outfit. Finish your summer look with on-trend elevated slippers or flip-flops.


Two women wearing culottes during London and Milan Fashion Week.

The longer culotte silhouette ends under your knees and is an excellent option for women who want to embrace this summer shorts trend but don’t want to show too much leg. The length is the most appropriate for your office outfit; they look great with a shirt tucked in and kitten heels or heeled sandals that elongate your legs. Additionally, you can pair them with the ’70s clogs that are back this year. And keep wearing culottes in colder seasons by combining them with tall boots and a blazer for a contemporary and elevated look.

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