Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

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Although small in size, the sunglasses are one of the essential parts of your look; the right pair of shades can change not only your face but also your mood and can dress up and update any outfit.

There is a wide variety of new shapes, colours and sizes that we’ve been seeing invade slowly invade our Instagram feeds and the streets on these first sunny days. We’ve spotted six major sunglasses trends for this summer, and hand-picked the best shades of each trend so that the sunshine doesn’t catch you unprepared.


Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

A bit bigger than the micro sunglasses we wore last year, the rectangular-shaped shades look cool and are easy-to-wear.



Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

We love this classic and super feminine shape of the ‘50s that never goes out of fashion. And this summer, you can add a touch of the ’80s with cat-eye’s printed frames in bright colours or with the exaggerated shapes.


Colour me fabulous

Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

To add a pop of colour and fun to your look this summer, wear these colourful or monochromatic sunnies with transparent frames in the same colour as the lenses.



Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

Fashion houses have taken the logomania one step further and decided to show their brand’s logos directly on the sunglasses’ lenses.


Sporty Science-fi

Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

The huge sunnies look like sporty ski sunglasses, but with a futuristic feel. They are perfect to wear with another big summer trend, the boiler suits. Although these sunglasses are very popular with celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Kin Kardashian, you won’t be able to hide behind these flashy shades!



Time To Get Out Your Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses like aviators come this summer huge and in funky colours and modern materials such as the super light titanium.


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