Why are chinos called chinos?

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Chinos are probably the most popular trousers for men, the classic cream cotton pants are a staple all stylish men have in their wardrobe, but do you know why they’re called Chinos?

What’s with this name?

As you might have already guessed, the name chino is the slang word for China. Initially made in China, using Chino cloth, a 100% cotton material, these pants became widely known as Chinos. They got quickly very popular among the American and British because the durable fabric has been used for many years, to make the British and the U.S. Army uniforms.

Are Chinos and Khakis the same?

Although many people put chinos and khakis in the same basket, there are quite a few differences between the two types of trousers. Chinos are usually made in lightweight cotton or cotton-blend with a slightly shiny finish, a closer fit and concealed pockets that make them more formal than their close relatives, the khakis, which are made in more robust cotton twill. The pockets and the stitching on khakis are visible, and the pleated pants are wider hence more informal than chinos.

How to wear Chinos

Chinos are so popular because they’re incredibly versatile. When paired with a dressier shirt, a silk tie, blazer and oxfords or leather loafers, you can wear your chinos to work or on more formal occasions like a dinner party at friends. If you want to look a bit less formal, leave the tie at home. For a casual look, wear your chinos like you would a pair of jeans; pair them with a sports shirt, driving loafers, top-siders or kickers.