What do women first look in men?


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Truly elegant and sharp-dressed men know that wearing the right shoes is as important as the clothes you wear, if not more. Whether you’re going to a business meeting, a job interview, a date or hanging out with your friends, your footwear has a huge impact on your overall image.

Ask any woman, and she will tell you that the shoes are probably the first thing she checks on a man, after his eyes and smile. With a glance at the footwear, she can already tell a lot about him.

Men’s fashion and footwear have changed a lot in the past years, and men have today much more freedom when choosing their shoes, which they can now wear with bold colourful socks or without them, even when in a suit.

All the shoes you need to have to be the coolest guy

There are several styles to choose for your office wear and daily outfit, from more formal models such as Brogues and Monk Strap shoes to the colourful Oxfords by Manolo Blahnik, and fun embroidered velvet pumps for the more daring.

All the shoes you need to have to be the coolest guy

Chelsea boots, loafers, Clarks, driving shoes in leather or suede in the most various colours, and some kickers look fantastic with jeans and a nice jacket but also with a more formal outfit. Just think of Gianni Agnelli, the most stylish men on earth, wearing a chic suit with his Tod’s boots!

All the shoes you need to have to be the coolest guy

Cool kickers can be worn with almost any outfit, and for summer and at the beach, espadrilles, boat shoes and driving shoes are the perfect options for the chic man who does not want to walk in flip-flops and sandals (thank you very much).

All the shoes you need to have to be the coolest guy

Although the options for men’s shoes are endless, this doesn’t mean that you can wear just anything. When buying shoes, be sure to choose good quality ones, preferably in leather or suede. Stay away from the cheap-looking shoes that will ruin your look, and please, stay clear of those square-toe shoes and the pointy-toe ones too, unless you’re wearing cowboy boots.

Here are some great shoes we selected for you: