Perfect Outfits for Garden Parties

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Summer and Spring are the time for garden parties and I really can’t think of many things better than a nice afternoon and evening spent with friends in a beautiful garden, having tea, some drinks and nice food, chatting, dancing, or in other words, being merry! Whether it is a formal garden party with the Queen or an informal picnic or pool party with friends, you want to look stylish but also keep cool in the hot weather. So what should you wear? The first thing to consider before choosing your outfit is, of course, what kind of garden party you’re going to.

There are three annual garden parties thrown by none other than Queen Elisabeth II. If you are among the lucky 30.000 guests, you’ll get the chance to have tea in the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace or in Scotland, of Holyroodhouse. You have to know that there is a strict dress code you must follow: gentlemen wear morning suits or lounge suits, while women wear day dress, usually with hats or fascinators.

For garden parties with no dress code, here are our suggestions:


The number one choice for a garden party is flowing dresses in any length, but better go for midi or maxi dresses. Light and natural fabrics such as cotton or linen are best to keep you cool. You can dress your outfit up or down with the jewellery and hat you choose to wear. Avoid backless dresses or really short dresses with spaghetti straps, we know it’s hot, but you’re at a garden party, not at the beach, my dear. You should also take with you a cute cardigan or an oversized blazer in case of a chilly evening, but because it’s summer, prefer uplifting colours such as the super-on-trend yellow, orange or red.

2019 is the year for floral dresses, you can find beautiful ones in almost every shop and let’s face it; you can never go wrong with florals! Don’t forget a cool pair of sunglasses and a nice bag to complete your look.

Suits and Jumpsuits

If you’re not in the mood for a dress, you can always wear the chic suit pants that have had a big come-back this year. Pair them with a top with a deep cleavage, that will give you a sexy touch but comfortable at the same time. Summer 2019 is not only pastels but also about bright colours. There are many options of chic jumpsuits in light-weight fabrics that would look perfect for a garden party. Choose a more polished and tailored silhouette for a casual but chic look. 


These classic Spanish shoes with a rope sole are the synonym of casual elegance. Think Grace Kelly and Jackie O in the French Riviera. You can wear either flat espadrilles or with high heels if you need some extra-height. 

Flats or block heels

Flat sandals or slingback pumps with block heels so that you won’t sink into the lawn, are also perfect options for your garden party. Stay away from stilettos though!