Has Prince Harry Changed His Style After He Married Meghan Markle?

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Since the fairytale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last year, Prince Harry’s style has changed quite a bit. Long gone are the now Duke of Sussex’s partying nights and hoodie days. His style today is more polished, sophisticated and grown-up. Harry is classic and cool at the same time, he may be in an elegant Saville Row suit but he wears it with his signature bracelets around his wrist. He surely knows how to layer; we often see him wearing a collared shirt with a crewneck sweater under a jacket and scarf. 

Has Prince Harry changed his style after he married Meghan Markle?

The prince appreciates the importance of a sleek overcoat, his outwear collection with a classic cut elongates his body and makes him look even taller. When wearing a suit, usually from his favourite tailor, Gieves and Hawkes, his choice is the elegant single-breasted two-button navy or grey suit but he has also worn a hippest lighter blue suit too.

But the changes in Prince Harry’s wardrobe are not all. When we see the newly-weds together, besides their public displays of affection, his body language shows that the Duke is very protective of the mother-to-be, he has always his arm around her or holds her hand. Meghan looks clearly more comfortable when next to Harry, so we guess he’s doing his job right. A journalist who has covered the royal family for years says Prince Harry has changed a lot, becoming more distant, a far cry from the young Prince that was pals with everyone and a bit of a bad-boy. If he isn’t the “good old Harry” anymore, it is for sure because he wants at all times help his wife adjust to her new life and because of his role as a husband and father-to-be, that have brought him maturity.

Has Prince Harry changed his style after he married Meghan Markle?

Interestingly enough, a body language expert said that Meghan too, shows a protective behaviour towards her husband, rubbing Prince Harry’s back while walking side by side, in a caring and almost maternal way. They both show loving concern and care for each other, being quite an inspiration, now that we’re approaching Valentine’s.

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