Woman crashes the runway at Chanel’s Paris Fashion week, and Gigi Hadid saves the show.

Everybody is talking about how the American model Gigi Hadid saved the Chanel runway at Paris Fashion Week. But what does it happens?

French Comedian Marie Benoliel and Youtube prankster, AKA Marie S’infiltre, with 194.000 followers on Instagram has stormed the last moments at Chanel’s runway show in Paris Fashion Week SS20.

The French comedian dressed in a black and white Chanel style suit and hat, deceived the security, jumped on the runway, and walk together with the models. Gigi Hadid didn’t think twice, she quickly took the comedian by the arm and conducted her to the backstage, far from the eyes of the selected audience. Gigi Hadid literally saved the Chanel runway.

Marie S’Infiltre took to social media afterwards to claim that she’s been infiltrating catwalks all season, but that Chanel was the ultimate challenge.
Marie describes herself as an ‘infiltrator’ and a ‘usurper’. Her YouTube bio reads: ‘Marie infiltrates everywhere, [is an] usurper of all kinds, is encrusted without scruple, to reveal better the COMIC REALITY that is hidden in the news [sic].’

This is the second time this week that the comedian has stormed a show at Paris Fashion Week, previously to Chanel she danced with the model at Etam’s show.


Featured Image via @Footwearnews by David Fisher/ @shutterstock