The sunglasses you’ll wear this Spring/Summer Retro style.


The sun is shining, and spring is definitely here, which, of course, makes us start our hunt to present to you the sunglasses you’ll wear this spring/summer.

Retro style

It’s no secret I love the ’60s. So, I was more than pleased to see that retro sunnies are one of the sunglasses trends for summer 2020.

Special edition

The Austrian eyewear label neubau has just presented the new special edition of sunglasses “Côte du Soleil”. The inspiration for this collection and its campaign film is the French Riviera in the ’60s. At that time, the Côte d’Azur was the refuge of famous artist like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. It was also the scenery of Jacques Deray’s cult movie “La Piscine”.

Classic and chic

The special edition “Côte du Soleil” brings us the nonchalance and freedom mood of the endless summers of that era. Big and with chunky square frames, the ’60s-inspired sunglasses are classics. Their vintage character conveys the chicness of an afternoon by the pool in a South of France villa.

Sustainable sunglasses

With three models that come in two colours, “Côte du Soleil” is the first completely bio-based eyewear collection. neubau uses a natural material obtained from the castor bean plant. These sustainable sunglasses are made with the latest 3D technology.

Why these are the sunglasses you’ll wear

Besides having a fantastic design, the sunglasses you’ll wear this spring/summer are super light and flexible. Both comfortable and glamorous, they’ll make you feel you are in the hot summer days of the chic French Riviera. Whether you are heading to the beach or the office.

Photos courtesy of neubau