The best homemade masks and tutorials on Instagram #makeyourownmask.

We selected the best homemade masks and tutorials to inspire you to make your own nose and mouth mask.

Do homemade masks prevent the Coronavirus?

Homemade masks, combined with social distancing, prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Although they are not as effective as N95 respirators, they block large particles and droplets. Don’t forget N95 masks should be reserved for healthcare workers. For a cloth mask to work properly, you need to include several layers of fabric hence the folding. Additionally, it must fit against the sides of the face.

Hygiene with reusable masks

It is important to remove the mask by the elastic bands around your ears without touching your eyes, nose or mouth, and wash your hands immediately after it. You may also want to disinfect your hands and shopping after coming back from the groceries store. Wash your used mask in the washing machine before using it again.

Get inspired!

No sewing

Probably the easiest mask to make, it involves absolutely no sewing.

Dust Bags

The chic Influencer Jenny Walton had the best idea to recycle a Prada dust bag that came with a pair of shoes. I love the nude colour and the small Prada logo down on the chin.

A bit of luxury

Pick your favourite (Hermès) scarves to make glamorous masks. You know what they say, darling; once a queen, always a queen.


ICEP is an Austrian non-profit organisation that fights poverty across the world, bringing people to business and business to people. They are selling beautiful protective masks made in Cameroon of 100% cotton. Sales will support ICEP’s Women Empowerment Program in Africa.

Wonderful masks with typical African prints and colours.

Wonderful masks with typical African prints and colours.

Photo by ICEP

Like a man’s shirt

Meshit is an Austrian fashion label created by Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf. They have a smart style, and the shop is worth a visit.

Bansky Homage

Austrian label Bags With Legs did a black mask in homage to street artist Bansky famous piece Floral Protester.

Mask pattern

The French designers behind Coperni, Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, kindly shared a pattern to help you make your own mask.

This article was updated on 5th May, 2020