10 trends to start Fall in the right shoes

18. Oktober 2019

Fall is the official beginning of the fashion calendar. All the magazines are showing the big trends; what we’re going to wear this and next year. For us, the best way to start Fall is by updating your clothes with pointed accessories instead of buying a new wardrobe. That’s why you should start Fall on the right shoes.

In the video above, you will see the best shoe collections presented during the major fashion weeks. We are talking on what Paris, Milan and New York fashion week showed as shoe trends for the next couple of years. Yes, we selected the right shoes that will stay around for many seasons.

What is the right pair of shoes?

In our opinion, the right shoes to invest are the ones that immediately elevate your wardrobe, giving a trendy look to your outfit. But at the same time are shoes with classic appeal. Animal print or bejewelled shoes are a good example of trendy and classic items. Watch the video and see for yourself.

What is the shoe trends this Fall?

In the video, we selected 10 trends that you should invest in. They are long term trends; it means shoes that will be relevant for more than two years. Right shoes and boots to be styled with midi and maxi dresses, tailored pants, leather shorts, tartans and bouclé textures. Also, the right shoes for the new-normal lifestyle, which prevails comfort, utilitarian purposes, quality, and sustainability.

In the video, you will see that you need one, maybe two, good shoes to bring your wardrobe into Fall without buying new clothes. The right shoes can make your whole closet look more luxurious and expensive than it really is.