Spring Cleaning: How To Declutter Your Apartment

Photo via Shutterstock

Spring is here, and one big must-do entails tossing the old stuff to make space for the new. Spring cleaning, here we come! If you’re lost at sea, here is what to consider during the big clean-out.

Clean out your closet

Make a point of trying on those clothes you never wear. Still not going to wear it? Consider donating, recycling, or selling it.

Check those random things you are keeping for unclear reasons

Collecting notebooks or keeping used tins to make some decoupage project out of it is one thing, but keeping old scraps of illegible paper from your uni years is just filling your space with noise. Get rid of the useless stuff, and quit the hoarding.

Consider spreading the book love

If you have some books you have read hundreds of time, and you wouldn’t mind some extra space, it might be a good idea to donate them. Spread the love!

What about those knick-knacks you actually hate?

Bad gifts kept on a shelf to collect dust and knick-knacks you bought on a whim? Well, those might go, too. Make space for that piece of decor you’ve been saving for, and avoid overcrowded surfaces by simply being honest with yourself.

Is it time to change your (very) old furniture?

It might be. If your couch has a broken spring or two, or if woodworms are devouring your table, it might be time for a trip to Ikea (after one to the dumpster).

New season; new life!