Change your diet to make your hair grow stronger and faster

Who wouldn’t want healthy, shiny hair? And even better, glossy hair that grows fast so that you can cut it short to change your look without that sheer panic of knowing it will take ages to have your mane long again? And what if I told you that you don’t need expensive hair treatments to help your hair grow stronger and faster?

New-age bores and self-help gurus repeat that beauty comes from within. Well, when it comes to your hair, you should take them literally! You can transform dull, brittle hair by merely making some small changes in your eating habits.

And by changing your diet to give your hair the nutrients and vitamins it needs, you will also improve the appearance of your skin and nails, so stick with me to discover the easiest way to look radiant and feel fantastic!

First of all, before talking about the food you need to add to your diet, two things are essential, not only for healthy shiny hair but also for glowing skin: getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. There’s no point in spending a lot in treatments and vitamin supplements if your body isn’t adequately hydrated.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s look at the right food you should eat to help your body fight the free radicals that damage your hair and skin cells:


The delicious avocado is super rich in vitamin E, which protects your hair from free-radical damage.


Beans, like meat, fish and eggs, are rich in proteins so necessary for hair growth.


Sorry, vegetarians and vegans. Nutritionists say that beef is packed with iron that oxygenates the blood and is vital for hair growth. It also contains zinc. Of course, there are other sources of iron you can choose.


A good option for those who do not want to eat meat, Beets have not as much iron as beef, so combine them with other vegetables.

Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are full of vitamin C that helps your body absorb iron and produce collagen.

Bone Broth

It turns out your grandmother was right; bone broth is good for you! Bone broth contains collagen, a protein found in your skin and hair. It helps hair-growth by strengthening your mane.


You need plenty of vitamin C to fight free-radicals from air pollution and sun that damage your skin and hair. Kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C; other fruits containing this vitamin are guavas, strawberries, oranges and papayas.


Salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which not only benefit your heart health bit also helps your hair grow strong and shiny. It also contains biotin that protects you against hair loss.


Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc, an essential nutrient for your strings. Sunflower seeds contain high levels of vitamin E that protect your hair against damaging free radicals.


The green leaves are an excellent source of iron and zinc, which helps you fight hair loss. Mind you, too high levels of zinc can also be damaging, so don’t over-do it.

Sweet Potato

This type of potato provides you with biotin and beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in your body and improves the health of your scalp.


Egg yolks contain biotin and choline. Both nutrients are excellent for your hair and skin health.

To know more about the health of your hair, read our article “Why are you losing hair?” If after changing your diet, you feel your hair isn’t growing stronger or if you’re struggling with hair loss, do see your doctor.


Photos via Shutterstock and Unsplash