5 Instagrams offering one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces X-mas wish list.

One-of-a-kind embroidered pieces with an artisanal feel are not only trending on Instagram because of the slow fashion movement, but garments with hand-stitched embroidery are also so unique they make wonderful Christmas gifts.

So, check the five Instagrams we selected with beautiful one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces. And get inspired by the delicate stitching that is bringing back to fashion the art of embroidery.

Cressida Jamieson

British embroiderer, designer, and dilettante gardener, Cressida Jamieson posts on Instagram her delicate one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces. As a result, she has already 15.8k followers and fans. For example, she stitches little flowers and birds and delicate letters onto t-shirts, shirts and cardigans. Meanwhile, her embroidery has become a hit with British actresses Claire Foy, Kate Winslet and the Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown. Additionally, the embroidered pieces are also a success among fashion-savvy women on Instagram like Leandra Medine Cohen. So much, in fact, that Jamieson’s already collaborated with Raey and Rixo.

Vita Kin

The Ukrainian label presents on Instagram folkloric and one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces that have a hippie, feel-good vibe. Above all, the dreamy garments are made using heritage artisanal techniques and traditional prints from Ukraine and around the world. In short, Vita Kin’s collaboration with Browns is definitely on my Christmas list!

Yeah Right NYC

The 100% sustainable organic cotton T-shirts started as one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces on Instagram. After that, the garments with fun slogans like “SMALL BOOBIES!” and “NICE BUTT” quickly found big success on social medial. The first embroiderer was the mother of one of the founders of Yeah Right NYC. Soon, the nice Milanese lady had to recruit her friends to help her stitch the slogans. Since they don’t speak English, the reaction of these Italian stitchers is often hilarious when they find out the meaning on the embroidered pieces!

Tessa Perlow

Tessa Perlow grew up in New Jersey with a love of sewing and design. Consequently, she began repurposing garments with stunning embroideries. After that, she shows on Instagram her one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces that are often embellished with tiny beads and even pearls. Perlow sells her sustainable garments on Etsy.

Rebecca Page

The Birmingham-based Rebecca Page hand-stitches cute hoops to decorate your house that make the perfect Christmas presents. To clarify, she explains that the embroidered items aim to empower and inspire self-love and confidence. Certainly, the personalised, positive quotes come decorated with sweet tiny flowers and hearts. Still, I especially like the humorous one-of-a-kind “Don’t be a dick” embroidered piece I saw on her Instagram. You can find her shop, Sitch Ambition, on Etsy.

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