Totes, clutches and pouch bags so chic you'll want them all!


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Handbag lovers, rejoice; there’s a new luxury bag collection designed by Alessandra de Osma, Princess von Hannover, arriving just in time for Christmas, hint, hint.



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The wife of Christian von Hannover has just launched the second collection of her label Moi & Sass, which she started with her friend, Moira Laporta, in 2018. By the way, the name of the label is a combination of the two women's nicknames.



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The brand's signature is high-quality bags with minimalist, clean silhouettes and neutral colours, as chic as the Peru-born designer. The sleek bags are handmade in Spain, using the finest tanneries.



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The new collection with 18 handbags and bags follows the motto of the Latin American duo; “fashion meets function”. It includes structured mini clutches with tortoise resin handles, chic Croco bucket bags and cute velvet pouch bags with tortoise resin chain straps.



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The inspiration for the beautiful Instagram-worthy creations comes from the hometown of the 31-year-old lawyer, model and designer.



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Alessandra de Osma explained that “The first collection was inspired mainly by the colours of the mountain Vinicunca in the Peruvian Andes region. This time we looked at the Peruvian looms of the Paracas culture. These textiles, created by our ancestors for thousands of years, with bright colours and geometric shapes that are very interesting, have inspired the colour palette of our second collection."



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The bags are available online and in some shops in Spain and Peru, but the two designers are planning to soon hit the stores in Germany and Austria.



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Moi & Sass also makes the Los Andes tote, one of the best women's bags to accompany you to the office. The tote comes with a central detachable compartment for your laptop and has space enough to fit all that you need to go to work or travel.



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Wouldn't mind finding one of these cuties under my Christmas tree ;)