8 Coconut Oil Beauty Treatments to Try at Home A super-ingredient.


If there is a superfood, that can cure almost everything in our body, then there is also a super beauty ingredient. It means a natural element that can work wonders on us from head to toe. One of these graces of nature is coconut oil.

So put your earphones and watch the video with 8 beauty treatments that you can do at home now. And watch it again and again until you incorporate it in your beauty routine.

1- Body Oil

Because of the saturated fats, coconut oil is great for cracking skin and you can use it on your body directly from the pot.

2- Makeup remover

Do it like Emma Stone, and wash off even the most resident mascara with the coconut oil.

3- Lip Balm

Put the coconut oil semi-solid in a small pot and carry it around with you in winter.

4- Anti-wrinkle cream

Because of the great amount of vitamin E, you can replace your expensive cream with a pot of coconut oil, especially as a night cream.

5- Body Scrub

Mix half of coconut oil with a handful of salt or sugar to create an exfoliator that not only smoothes but moisturises your skin.

6- Teeth Whitener

Mix some coconut oil with baking soda and apply it to your teeth just like a toothpaste before washing out again.

7- Dandruff Treatment

To prevent a dry scalp responsible for dandruff massage some coconut oil onto your head and leave it through the night. This hydrates your hair, make it shine and stimulate hair growth

8- Split Hair Ends

Instead of a conditioner put some coconut oil into your hair and then wash it. Once again it has a hydrating and reviving effect.