7 surprising little known facts about Julia Roberts The star of Ben is Back.

Julia Roberts, the eternal “Pretty Woman”, also unforgettable as “Erin Brockovich”, the 2000’s film for which she was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress, is for a long time a familiar face on the red carpet. However, there are many little-known facts about Julia Roberts that even the most dedicate fan doesn’t know. For instance, do you know the name of Julia Roberts’ kids? Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry Moder.

So, let’s start with the 7 little known facts about Julia Roberts that we discovered for you.

Paparazzi photo of Julia Robertas wearing a tee shirt, tailored pants and heels

Acting runs in Julia Roberts’ family

1- Guess who paid for Julia’s birth hospital costs

One of the most successful actresses of her generation, Julia Roberts was born in Georgia, USA, but is of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German and English descent. Acting runs in her family: her parents were actors and ran an acting school for children, which the youngsters of Martin Luther King used to attend. Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, paid the hospital bill for Julia’s birth as a thank you for the couple’s kindness with the children of the civil rights leader. This event was a little known fact about Julia Roberts even for Julia herself. According to a friend “Julia was touched and surprised when she found out. Coretta is one of the reasons Julia helps charities working with young children.”

Actress Julia Roberts praised by her role in the film Ben is Back

Not everything is glamour in the actress’ life

2- Real life family drama

Nancy Motes, Roberts’ half-sister, committed suicide by overdose at age 37 and left a letter blaming the actress for the tragedy. Before that, Nancy had already made public her feelings towards her sister with several tweets accusing Julia Roberts of being cruel among other things. Also, the relationship whit her brother, actor Eric Robert, was turbulent. Eric had issues with drug and alcohol abuse, which led to a divorce from his wife, the actress Kelly Cunningham. Instead, to help her brother Julia Roberts helped her sister-in-law by paying the legal fees in the custody battle over a young Emma Roberts. Julia and Erick’s reconciliation happened many years later, after the birth of Hazel and Phinnaeus, Julia Roberts’ twins kids in 2004.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney at Cannes Festival

Julia Robert and George Clooney during Cannes Festival

3 – Career

She began her career as an actress in 1986 with a guest appearance on “Crime Story”. In 1988 came her big break with “Mystic Pizza”, that won her critical praises and a nomination as Best Lead Female at the Independent Spirit Awards. Her first big success was “Pretty Woman”, that won Roberts a nomination for Oscar as Best Actress. 2000 was the year of Erin Brockovich, the role that gave Julia another Academy Award for Best Actress. In 2018, Julia Roberts starred the drama Ben Is Back. According to the critics, one of the best Julia’s performances but no Oscar this time.

Julia Roberts on the red carpet at the Globe Awards

Julia Roberts wearing Stella McCartney

4 – TV Series

Although Julia Roberts has been acting for more than 30 years, her small screen debut was recent in “Homecoming”, for which the actress received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance Actress in a Television Series – Drama. She did not win this time but looked fabulous on the red carpet in a Stella McCartney pale nude and black pantsuit with a tulle cape. In 2019, Homecoming producers informed that Julia Roberts was not coming back to season 2. The second part of the critically-acclaimed series has a new star, Janelle Monáe.

One of the best paid female in Hollywood

5- The Most Beautiful

The “Pretty Woman’ has been named “Most Beautiful” by People’s magazine in 1991, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2017, an absolute record. People’s magazine nomination can be a little known fact about Julia Roberts, but it’s definitely not a surprise. She is gorgeous.

6 – The Richest

Roberts has been a regular on the Forbes’s wealthiest women list, in 2018 she was ranked seventh. In 2001, she was the first female actress to be paid $20 million for a movie, which was what male stars like Tom Cruise and George Clooney were making at that time. As a joke, her co-stars in “Ocean’s Eleven”, Clooney and Brad Pitt, sent her a 20 dollar bill with a card saying “We heard that you get 20 per film”. Be equally paid, that’s reason enough to have the most famous smile in the world.

Julia Roberts 30 millions Dolar smile

The smile

7 – Smile worth $ 30 millions

One of Roberts’ trademarks is her dazzling smile, which is, by the way, insured for 30 million dollars. In 2004, archaeologists found in Bulgaria a 9.000-year-old skeleton of a woman that they called Julia Roberts because of the skeleton’s perfect teeth. Well, Julia Roberts kids are fortunate to have a mother with such a beautiful and valuable smile.

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