6 style tips for a summer like no other Hot and chic.

Just like you, we’re ready for a fun summer full of optimism, bright hues and positive energy. Keeping up with all of the fashion trends can be hard sometimes so we’ve created a 6 style tips for summer guide. Find one-of-a-kind pieces that can elevate your whole outfit without having to buy too many things.

Cotton and linen are the perfect materials for summer.

The stylish Lucy Chadwick during NYFW.

Photo @ mameyelnuevonegro

If there is one thing I’ve learned during the lockdown, it is that life is too short to wear synthetic fibers. And I’m not the only one feeling this way. So, here come cotton and linen! Why? Well, they’re both super breathable, soft and are all natural fabrics. Not only do they have an incredibly high absorbency, but are also eco friendly. Therefore, when in doubt, always choose natural over synthetic. In fact, I can’t think of something more stylish and comfy to wear than a oversized white linen shirt! Can you? Keep scrolling for more style tips for summer!

You can never have enough stripes.

Vintage queen, Pernille Rosenkilde

via @prosenkilde

There’s nothing more timeless, nor classier than a Breton stripe T-shirt. Furthermore, fashion houses like Céline, Miu Miu, Jason Wu and Awake Mode featured new versions of the classic shirts in their spring/summer 2021 collections. However, the history of the piece dates back to 1858 when it became the official uniform of the French Navy. Wondering how many stripes the original tee had? 21, symbolizing each one of Napoleon’s victories. Ever since, the Breton shirt has been proving versatility to our wardrobes and we can’t stop falling in love with it. What’s even better than a striped shirt, is a whole striped look. Just like our favourite vintage queen – Pernille Rosenkilde. Steal her outfit now!

Big comfort sandals of 2021

Chanel sandals are the favourite on Instagram

Photo @ vp_styling

Yes, that’s right. The “ugly shoe trend” is still here. From Teva to Birkenstock and Dr Martens Fisherman Sandal, the big comfort sandals have come out the pandemic like the heroes of summer footwear. We know that you see them everywhere – from your favourite Instagram influencers to runaways. For instance, Jason Wu and Boss brought back the velcro sandals in their spring summer 2021 runaways. Because these shoes are made for walking shoes (and that’s just what they’ll do). Therefore they’re ideal for those of you who are still avoiding public transport. Additionally, they will transition smoothly to fall when paired with socks. No matter if you choose the traditional models or the ones with chunky tractor-like soles.

Make a fashion statement with an embroidered shirt.

Tessa Perlow wearing her incredible embroidered shirt.

Photo @tessa_perlow

Embroidery can tell a whole story. For example, this shirt by Tessa Perlow is a cheerful celebration of Earth Day. The sentimental value of the design is everything. Do you want to make a bold statement through fashion too? This has to be one of our favourite style tips for summer, because what’s better than adding some personality to your outfits?

The beaded necklace

Beaded necklaces for an elevated on-screen look.

Photo @dualipa

The 90’s have been enjoying a renaissance moment for quite some time now. So, there’s no surprise that the the beaded necklace is the jolly accessory everybody has been wearing this summer. From Chiara Ferragni to Harry Styles, celebrities have been obsessing over the piece. It is, in fact, so trendy that Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga have created their own pricey versions of the classic necklaces. So, bring some optimism and some new dose of energy to your outfit with our selection!

The short-sleeved shirt.

Fashion editor Aemilia Madden in a printed short-sleeved shirt.

Photo @aemiliafay

There’s always that one must-have piece that you have to have in your wardrobe. And this season, it’s the short-sleeved shirt. It’s an ultimately practical piece that you can combine with literally anything. Style it with jeans or just layer it over a bikini, it would look fabulous. For a super chic look, you can go with a colourful print!

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