Timeless beauty.


Looking at your grandmother, it‘s hard to imagine the times when she was a younger woman. When she would go on dates or even be with a man, other than your grandfather.
Seeing her you don‘t really think that she would know a lot about makeup, even though she is rocking a dark lipstick on all of her old photographs.
But with years, there usually comes wisdom and sometimes that wisdom is about makeup and skin care and all those beauty related things. You have to admit, she is using makeup longer than you, so it‘s only normal that she would know something that you still don‘t.

Underneath you have a list of 10 tips and tricks from older women, such as your grandmother.

1. A smile is the best form of jewellery.

2. Genes Vitamin E Creme does wonders.

3. If you want to depuff your eyelids, try putting witch-hazel soaked cotton balls on your eyes for twenty minutes.

4. Taking care of your nails must be as important as taking care of your skin.

5. Put coconut oil in your hair and leave it in for some time. Wash it out and voila, beautiful, strong silky hair!

6. Add Greek yoghurt to your skincare routine.

7. There is no such thing as too much jewellery.

8. Use olive oil on your hands instead of just a normal hand moisturizer.

9. Wear sunscreen on your face at all times.

10. For naturally blushed cheeks, flip your head upside down for a few seconds.


Featured image via Shutterstock