But Not In Bed


Pajamas or pajama-look-alike two-pieces are T H E thing now. Brands as Yolke, For Restless Sleepers or Olivia von Halle created some (or more) very beautiful garments that are almost too pretty to wear them just at night. It might seem a little exaggerated to spend a certain amount of money on pajamas, but trust us, once you put them on, you will never want to take them off again. And, actually, there is no need to. Since pajama suits had a huge Street Style appearance at Fashion Weeks, it is totally ok to wear them during the daytime, outside your own 4 walls. 
If you don't feel ready yet for this trend, or you might not be adventurous enough to wear a pajama in public, you can also approach it the 'safer' way and just go for the blouse and pair it with jeans. The elegant, silky material takes away any thought of sleep anyway and lets you shine as if you were walking down a catwalk ;) 

via yolkegirl

via F.R.S.

via Olivia von Halle

Teaser Image: Styleheroine via Instagram