Our go-to holiday destinations in Austria


Summer is all about vacation. Tropical islands, the French Riviera or Bella Italia are the places that a lot of us will probably travel to in the next few weeks and months. For some though, time is limited. But instead of getting depressed by seeing all the pretty holiday pictures on your Instagram feed, you should start thinking about the country you actually live in. Austria has so much to offer and is thus the perfect place for your “staycation”.  Mountains, lakes and vineyards are what tourists from all over the world are coming for and we are lucky enough to have it all just within a few hours by car. 
Going away to a place that you´ve never been before although it is practically around the corner doesn´t sound so bad after all right? (it is for sure better than lying on the sofa and feeling sorry for yourself all summer long)
If you are still indecisive where to go or which part of Austria you prefer, we got you covered with our little guide!

The area stretches across three federal states and offers world famous towns like Hallstadt, breathtaking lakes like Fuschlsee or Wolfgangsee and the Alps. From swimming to hiking or sightseeing – in the Salzkammergut you can do it all. 


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No matter if you go to the northern or southern part of Burgenland, as a wine lover you will get your money´s worth. Enjoy a long weekend at a vineyard, eat at a Heurigen and take a bike tour along one of the many trails, good weather included. 


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If you like it quiet and peaceful, you should spend your summer staycation in Vorarlberg. Rent a little cottage or book a room at a spa hotel, relax, play some golf or take a long walk in the woods. Make sure to bring your camera and capture the unique landscape.


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4.    VIENNA
If you are not from Vienna: what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, hop on a train and visit our amazing capital city! If you live here: there is still so much to explore! Walk one of the "Stadtwanderwege" on a sunny Saturday, enjoy an evening at the Canal, spend a grey day at the museum or just walk around town and get a traditional Viennese "Eiskaffee" at one of the many cute Café´s.


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You see, there is a lot to do and see in Austria. So, no need to fly out to Portugal or Bali to have the summer of your life!