Check here how to rock a suit like a boss.


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So, everyone’s talking about Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing over Facebook data breach after Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook users’ personal information.

Perched on a seat with a thick extra cushion (in an attempt to look higher and more powerful, perhaps?) the introverted and press-shy founder and CEO of Facebook was surrounded by cameras when testifying 2 days in a row in front of the Congress.

Actually, it was quite an ironic picture, to see such a private person as Mark Zuckerberg, looking startled and extremely uncomfortable for being surrounded by photographers violating his privacy while his company is being accused of violating its 2.13 billion users' privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg called to account in front of Congress is certainly eye-opening for the young Silicon Valley tech whiz used to playing by his own rules. And more than his words acknowledging responsibility for his mistake and failure in protecting users personal data, his clothes sent the clear message that he was taking the situation seriously.

Because, yes, Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit! 

His navy suit and shirt collar were a bit too big and the tie looked as if someone else had tied it before -because he probably doesn’t know how to do it himself- hanging it around Mark's neck without adjusting it properly and leaving it too loose. Not very elegant, I know, but nevertheless, he did leave home the casual uniform he wears every single day no matter what; the grey T-shirt, jeans, and snickers, and wore a suit instead. Whether he really meant his contrition or not, that’s another story.

But let’s face it, if Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most powerful men in the world, feels the need to wear a suit when the occasion arises, to be taken seriously, anyone else, even you, millennials tech geeks who have never worn anything else other than T-shirts, hoodies, and jeans, your time will come someday too. And when the time to wear a suit comes, you’d better do it with style and allure, don’t you think?  

To help you look as elegant as Cary Grant or Gianni Agnelli, here are some important things you must pay attention to if you want to wear a suit like a pro:

1- Right fit

The suit must fit you well, not too tight nor too loose. The jacket, if too big, will slouch off your shoulders and you don’t want that. The length of the sleeves must be just right, till your wrist so as to show just a bit of your shirt cuff and cufflinks. The jacket should be long enough to cover your butt but not too long or you will look odd as if your legs were too short. The pant legs cannot be too long nor too short either, your pants should end just on the top of your shoes, never longer than that or you will have folds that will make the pants look baggy.

2- Buttons

No matter if you're wearing a 2 or 3-button, single or double-breast jacket, an elegant man will never fasten the last button of any jacket! With 3-button jackets you can sometimes fasten the first button, you must always fasten the second and never the bottom one. When sitting, unfasten all your buttons but remember to fasten them again when standing up.

3- Lapels and ties

The size of the lapels is important too. You should wear a tie which width is the same as the lapels' width. And since we’re talking about ties, your tie should end at your belt, covering all of your shirt’s buttons but never covering the belt.

Left, grey suit striped in white. Right, blue suit.Both from Brook's Brothers

4- Shirt

The shirt must also fit you well. Too big and the collar will be loose on your neck, like Zuckerberg’s shirt, which doesn’t look elegant at all, and too tight, you won’t be able to breathe! Never leave the top button unfastened, even if it stays under the tie, everyone will notice it.

5- Belt and Shoes

Your belt and shoes should always be the same colour but pay attention, never wear black shoes with a brown suit or brown shoes with a black suit. 

6- Socks

Never, ever wear short socks with a suit. After all the effort put into choosing the right suit, you can ruin your look with this tiny but fatal mistake. When you sit down, if we can see any bit of your leg, that means that your socks aren’t long enough.