According to New Yorker Michael Gordon, the founder of hair empire Bumble and Bumble, you should stop washing your hair with Shampoo because they are all terrible for your hair!

In 1977 Michael Gordon created Bumble & Bumble, offering all types of hair products, the most successful being his Surf Spray, which was then copied by so many other brands. He’s also had a haircutting school that is an incubator for young and new talents. 

After selling his company to Estée Lauder in 2000, Gordon took some time off, made a movie about Vidal Sassoon, did some thinking and research and understood that all his product were, in fact, to counteract and repair the damage Shampoo was causing. So he decided he wanted to create an alternative path for the hair industry. That’s how HAIRSTORY was born, a small company with only  4 products:

- New Wash: a Shampoo that really isn’t a shampoo and doesn’t foam, which may seem very strange when you start using it, but has proved to wash, condition, detangle and revive your hair without causing any damage to it,

- Dress Up: for safe blow-drying.

- Déshabillé: a surf-spray that won’t leave your hair crispy and dry.

- Hair Balm: for extra-dry and frizzy hair.

So what’s the secret of New Wash? Unlike most Shampoos out there, New Wash is soap and detergent free, with no silicones, paragons and sulfates and suits all types of hair, especially curly hair that really hate Shampoos. Those who have tried it swear that they will never go back to Shampoo again because New Wash keeps the scalp and hair healthy and conditioned without the need of any other conditioner, hair masks or serums and without the need to wash it every day.  And of course, it makes your hair look wonderful!

This product helps you also lead a very sustainable and modern way of living, you won’t need to have every corner of your bathroom filled with bottles and more bottles of hair products anymore - one will be enough - and you can join the New Wash Club to receive automatically the refill pouches for the aluminum dispenser you get with your first shipment, so no more waste of useless bottles and packaging and no more waste of time and money since you would save 20% on each pouch that you received without having to leave home.

Oh, and by the way, HAIRSTORY ships to Europe too!


Images via Hairstory website