What’s next for Karl Lagerfeld?

Photos courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld

Shortly after a month of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing, you might be wondering what does the future hold for his eponymous label. 

Although Lagerfeld launched his namesake fashion label in 1984, the legendary designer was mostly known as the creative director of Chanel, for 54 years, and Fendi, for 36 years.

Karl Lagerfeld, the label, comprises a signature collection and a line called “Karl Lagerfeld Paris”, with more affordable and street-style designs aimed at the younger fashionistas. 


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The German designer was his own muse for the fun and somewhat commercial label, with his face and signature white ponytail and black sunglasses splattered on bags, shoes and items of clothing. His famous cat, Choupette, that has more than 300k followers on Instagram, is also a star of the fashion brand and is depicted on many accessories and clothes. Actually, the label had a moment when it launched the items with the cute Choupette, but besides that, it has remained a bit like a common label for years, even carrying such a heavy-weight name.

The witty and sharp-tongued designer explained that his namesake label was “me doing me, whatever that means. It is very strange to see your face wherever you turn”.

Karl Lagerfeld was a workaholic and created more collections than any other designer, but he was, evidently, much more focused, creative and brilliant when designing for Chanel and Fendi than for his own brand. For as much as he loved working, it was simply impossible for the creative designer to put as much time and attention into his label, which he also never presented during Fashion Week, as he did with Chanel and Fendi. 

Karl Lagerfeld viewed his namesake brand more like a business venture than a high fashion house. We still don’t know who will take his place as creative director; the brand’s design director Hun Kim worked closely with Lagerfeld for several years, and the fashion label has had many partners collaborating, including Puma, Carine Roitfeld, the model Kaia Geber and Olivia Palermo.

The social media and the fashion world’s gigantic reaction to the Kaiser’s death have raised people’s interest in the label, and the Karl Lagerfeld brand plans to open more retail shops and intends to grow by 30% this year, according to its CEO, Pier Paolo Right.


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