What to wear to celebrate the end of the challenging 2020? Yeah, it's an end.

As difficult as this year may have been, it is coming to an end, and this calls for a celebration! So, what to wear to celebrate the end of the challenging 2020?

I know New Year’s Eve won’t be the same without the big parties and friends, but even in a small group or just with your family, why not commemorate in style, wearing beautiful gowns and black tie?

Who proclaimed 2020 was the death of lavish gowns?

If the past has taught of anything, it is that the way we dress impacts the way we feel. So, getting to the end of 2020, the year that wasn’t, demands “utopian fashion”, as said the designer of JW Anderson and Loewe, Jonathan Anderson. But “we need something that delivers an idea, a culture”, explained Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli. This is why we don’t want to wear just beautiful clothes. We want to celebrate the end of 2020 wearing conscious fashion that is not only sustainable but also opulent and extravagant.  

Here are some traditions and fun superstitions from around the world to help you choose what to wear to celebrate the end of 2020! 


Ask any Irish, and you will know that green is the colour that brings good luck. In China, green represents wealth and fertility. Additionally, it reduces stress. Also, wear green to commemorate the end of 2020 while supporting sustainability and eco-friendly fashion. 

Two sustainable green party gowns to celebrate the end of 2020.
Party gowns from the latest H&M Conscious collection. Photos courtesy of H&M.


In Brazil, among several fun superstitions like jumping over 7 waves, the most important one is to wear white on New Year’s Eve to begin the year to come with good luck and peace.

Two white looks from H&M Conscious fashion to wear at the end of 2020.
Wear white for peace. Photos courtesy of H&M.


Garments in hues of blue bring a sense of tranquillity. In some European countries, it is believed that blue protects babies from fever. But generally speaking, wear blue at the end of 2020 if you’re looking for health and optimism about the future.

Opulent baby blue gown made of recycled material.
Opulent baby blue gown made of recycled material. Photos courtesy of H&M.


As recently announced by Pantone, yellow is the colour of 2021. It is a cheerful hue that lifts the spirits and represents wealth, not only financial but also a wealth of love, knowledge, etc. In China, yellow is the colour of royalty; wear a gorgeous yellow outfit to end 2020 like the queen you are.

Wear yellow to celebrate the end of 2020.
Celebrate like a queen in yellow. Photos courtesy of H&M.


Around the world, black is a colour that indicates prestige, power and authority. It is believed by many that black absorbs negative energy, hence protecting you. And, of course, it is super elegant and timeless. In other words, wear black at the end of 2020 to show this year and the next one who’s the boss!

Timeless and elegant looks by H&M Conscious fashion.
Timeless and elegant looks. Photos courtesy of H&M.

End 2020 wearing Conscious Fashion

To celebrate in style the end of 2020, we chose to wear luxurious pieces that are both sustainable and affordable. The newest H&M Conscious Exclusive collection transforms materials that would usually be thrown away into unique fashion items that will be worn with love. 


Lavish dresses come in black and green jacquard taffeta. Yellow jacquard and bold fabric flowers decorate pieces. Big volumes, opulent shapes, angular cuts and extravagant ruffles make this collection so luxurious you won’t believe you’re wearing waste materials! We love, for example, the idea of wearing luxurious gowns made in natural fibres derived from food crop and plastic waste.

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Title photo courtesy of H&M.