What to buy on Summer sales to wear in Fall

26. Juli 2019

Who doesn’t like shopping during sales? You can get all those beautiful items you’ve had an eye on for a fraction of the price, just be careful not to get carried away and buy things you won’t be able to wear much, only because of the inviting price tags. Savvy shoppers know how to pick clothes on sale that they’ll keep wearing during the next seasons too, and we’re here to help you do the exact same thing.

We made a selection paying attention to fall trends so that you can buy now and enjoy your new garments not only this summer but also in fall and winter. We believe that sustainability is the new chic, and being sustainable means investing in pieces with more longevity, in other words, versatile items that you can style and wear in different ways and different seasons.

From what we’ve seen on the catwalks and in the streets, purple in all its hues is the colour you’ll be wearing in fall, from lavender to orchid purple, but also neon colours and metallic materials. Florals will still here, but for autumn and winter, chose dark florals and prints with big flowers. We’ll see a lot of lace, but not the usual girly type, think of lace with an edge, as if a dark punk met a frilly-romantic and they had a baby.


We picked shirts with asymmetric or square necklines, two big trends not only for tops but also for dresses. Puffy sleeves bring modernity to the looks. You can’t go wrong with purple blouses, and if it’s in sheer tulle, another big trend on Instagram, even better. Wear edgy black shirts with lace or romantic English eyelet lace tops that you can pair with lamé pants to balance the look.



Fashion is so much fun these days that you don’t have to wait for a big party to wear sequins, lamé and satin; during the day, you can pair the dressier pieces with sneakers or wear bright coloured tights, that are one of the most fun trends of fall. Polka dots are definitely a thing, as we saw with The Dress, and you can look at animal prints as a basic plain print; mix them with anything, really. One sleeve dresses with puffy sleeves like out of the ‘80s TV series Dynasty are very contemporary, slip dresses and anything with feathers are welcome, even for your office look.



When selecting the pants, we focused on the same trends as above; dark florals, animal prints and metallic materials. We will also see a lot of neon colours and the classic tweed in fall. Military-style and cargo pants are excellent choices but remember to wear your tweed and cargo trousers with asymmetric tops, punk-romantic lace shirts or anything that will give an edge to your look; what you want is a classic with a twist outfit.


Hair Accessories

Fall is still not cold enough to wear a hat, this means you can use and abuse of hair accessories. Pearls are back big time; wear several hair clips with oversized pearls or crystals. Headbands are also a trend thanks to Prada. Choose fun accessories for your hairdo, and check here for some inspiration on how to wear them.

Have fun!


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