Our selection of brands you must get to know


Long gone are the days of Soviet Russia and post-Iron-curtain-awkward-fashion-style that seemed to be 20 years behind the rest of Europe and USA. While we were wearing white or beige minimalistic outfits, Russians were going around in bling-bling, flashy, shiny clothes, with big hair and loud makeup, as if they were just coming out of the 80’s soap opera “Dynasty”. But as Bob Dylan already sang in the 60's; the times they are a-changin’, and Russia has quickly become one of the most interesting countries in Europe, its fashion scene is vibrant, dynamic and innovative, mixing history and tradition with edgy street style and making the phrase: ”Made in Russia” something to be proud of.

We prepared a little selection of Russian designers that are worth knowing:

Vika Gazinskaya

The designer was born in Moscow. It is in the Russian capital that she studied fashion and later worked first as an intern and then as fashion-editor at the fashion magazine L’Officiel Russia. In 2007 she launched her eponymous label. Her designs have already appeared in several magazines including American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Ulyana Sergeenko

Sergeenko launched her label 7 years ago and has been praised since then. She mixes traditional Russian fashion with street-style, making feminine and flattering dresses that have appeared on fashion magazines as Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar. The Kazakhstan-born designer says her grandmother’s style and ability to look elegant even in the most ordinary clothes is what inspires her.

Ulyana Sergeenko_Russian_Fashion_designer


LES was launched six years ago by the young designer Lesia Paramonova. Her designs seem made for fairies living in an enchanted forest. By the way, Les is the Russian word for forest. "Each collection is a whole universe with its characters and atmosphere” says the designers, whose main signature is her own illustrations used to make prints and embroideries. Her dreamy clothes can be seen on the pages of Elle, Vogue IT, CR Fashion Book and The Guardian



Olga Vilshenko studied at the Institute of Fashion and Art in Moscow and in the Instituto Marangoni in London before launching her womenswear brand. Her clothes are the result of a fusion of Eastern folkloric heritage with Western design. She learned to sew from her mother who made their own clothes out of necessity, as did most women in the communist times, but she would make theirs embellished with folkloric embroidery. Vilshenko’s beautiful clothes are made with that same craftsmanship and are worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow, and British singer Florence Welch.

Olga Vilshenko_Russian_designer

Photos via: Vika Gazinskaya, Ulyana Sergeenko, LES, Olga Vilshenko