We've got the perfect holiday style for you!


Summer vacations are coming up, which means a lot of planning ahead. Packing your bag can always be a bit tricky. Who has never carried around, fuming with anger, a heavy and bulky luggage filled with useless things you ended up not even taking out of your bag the whole trip? Or on the contrary, decided to travel light only to find out in sheer desperation, that you had nothing to wear to go to that absolutely fab party your new friends wanted to take you?

 So to help you pack, first of all, ask yourself the question “What kind of vacation person am I?”. For us, there are three main types to differentiate, each requiring a specific outfit choice. :

Comporta or Ibiza


If you are anything like me, you think a real summer vacation is for relaxing and enjoying the sun at the beach, but of course, not just any beach. You want a cool resort far from the crowds and, because you know life doesn’t end when the sun goes down, you need a place with great spots for cocktails, dinner and some dancing too! For you, this place is Comporta in Portugal or Ibiza in Spain.  When hot days turn into long cocktail evenings, you will have to pack some cool flowing dresses and Kaftans and of course, the perfect shoes that work from day to night, sandals and the always chic espadrilles. Don’t forget you straw bag and hat too! 

Iceland or Tanzania


If you are an adrenaline-junky then your perfect vacation would be enjoying the Midnight Sun and dramatic landscapes such as the black sand beaches with lava rocks in Iceland or a Photographic Safari in Africa, staying in some luxurious lodge in the middle of the wilderness. But as much as you love an adventure, you also want to look stylish for elegant dinners or refined high teas in grand tents overlooking the wildlife while sipping a cold glass of champagne and writing all about it on your travel journal. Remember Meryl Streep in those wonderful linen outfits, enchanting jaw-dropping Robert Redford in “Out of Africa”? 

Paris, Berlin or London

Paris in Summer

Discovering culture, architecture, cute little streets and cafes and not only getting in touch but diving deep into a foreign city – this is what it means to really explore a new city. Days can get very long when you are strolling around town sightseeing and visiting great exhibitions and cool new shops. You’ll want to be comfortable AND chic because, although you’re on vacations, you’re way too stylish go around in shorts and kickers, right? 

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