The ultimate guide to the perfect white Tee


Caroline Daur in the street during the Paris Fashion Week - By Mauro Del Signore

White T-shirts never go really out of style, but lately, we’ve been seeing more and more stylish women wearing them. The classic white Tee is one of the most essential and versatile pieces in your wardrobe; don’t know what to wear? A crisp white T-shirt will solve your problem. Want to wear those formal trousers or a silk evening dress during day-time? A white Tee will dress down the outfit. Want to wear a suit or a sequined skirt but look casual? Just pair it with a white T-shirt. Not sure to wear to the office? The combo beige blazer and white t-shirt is an elegant yet relaxed office look.
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But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this top; finding the perfect white T-shirt is a difficult task. The basic staple comes in different fits, styles and fabrics, and there's a right T-shirt for each body-type and each outfit, for example, the boyish boxy cut looks cool and effortlessly chic paired with an evening dress or skirt, but if worn with jeans, will look just sloppy. Besides the perfect fit, you also have to find good quality tees that do not lose their shape in the first wash and that are thick enough not to be see-through but thin enough to fall nicely when tucked in just in the front as fashion enthusiasts like to wear them. And of course, natural fabrics are best, choose 100% cotton, especially in summer.
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We selected the best white T-shirts to suit your style, your body and your pocket:

V-neck Tees

If you have a bigger bust or if you have a curvy figure with rounder stomach and hip, the right T-shirt for you must have V-neck, which elongates your neck and accentuates your décolleté.


Fitted Tees

For the hourglass body, you can accentuate your slim waist with a tight-fitting T-shirt, but don’t go for too tight, it’s not chic. A slightly cropped T-shirt that ends around the waist is more flattering for you than the longer ones, and they are also perfect to wear with high-waisted trousers and paper bag waist pants.


Boxy Tees

If you have narrow hip and wide shoulders, a white T-shirt with crew-neck and loose sleeves will balance well your silhouette, while shorter and tighter sleeves will make your shoulders look broader. Also, if you like the classic boxy white T-shirt in dense fabric with a vintage feel, these are your go-to tees.



Photos via Shutterstock By Mauro Del Signore