And Declare Yourself (To Fashion)


The rainbow has become a powerful symbol for the gay community since the American artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker first introduced it in 1978. But the LGBT movement is not the only collective that has been using it to show its diversity. Colorful stripes are a widely spread phenomenon in recent fashion as well.

Even though Gucci presented its amazing rainbow platform sneakers already last season, there is no need to worry that this trend is yet about to end. The label used it as a main icon in their just released Autumn/Winter 17 Collection, #GucciAndBeyond. There, rainbows emerge on hoodies, T-shirts, as skirts, and on bags, coming out of UFOs and spreading their fascination all over its wearer.

And like a real rainbow is a spectacle of nature, rarely seen and therefore even more magical, captivating all looks also this trend is truly mesmerizing. Or, as Eleanor Robinson, Selfridges’ director of accessories points it out “hard to miss, upbeat summer fashion at its best”. The rainbow is one of the rare trends, that make it from summer to winter season.

Teaser Image by Gucci