We know which brands buyers are choosing for Fall 2019!

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There are so many labels showing beautiful stuff, and so many new ones appearing every day, that it is difficult to know them all, but we’ve been seeing some of these new, and not so new, brands over and over again on our favourite style gurus, in the streets during fashion week and on Instagram. From handbags and clothes to jewellery; here are six brands that fashion savvy buyers are choosing for Fall 2019, and so should you:



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This jewellery brand designed by Michela Panero offers now beautiful handbags decorated with beads and tassels that have taken Instagram by storm, especially the Rosantica Billie Clutch. The hair accessories also a hit among fashion lovers.


Medea Sisters


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The Italian sisters Camilla and Giulia Venturini created cute leather handbags that look like shop gift-bags. The combination of simple design and good-quality leather in all colours has made the Medea Sisters bags a massive success among fashion editors, fashionistas and celebrities.


Rotate Birger Christensen


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We can’t get enough of Scandinavian fashion! The duo of friends and stylists-turned-influencers-turned-fashion designers Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars, launched Rotate only last year but we are sure the Copenhagen-based fashion brand will be a must-have among fashionistas looking for pop and cool fashion.


Flow the label


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Launched by the Ukranian sisters Viktoriia and Veronika, Flow the label has beautiful skirts and dresses in neutral colours that look perfect with the label’s oversized blazers. All items are made in good quality fabrics that last long, very in tune with the “buy less, buy better” trend that is very strong in 2019.



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If you like fashion, you’ve probably already spotted on your Instagram feed several fashion-enthusiasts wearing the amazing pyjamas with feather-trimmed pants. The glamorous pyjama is meant to be worn outside, don’t worry, and looks incredibly chic when paired with mules.



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Lately, it seems that every fashionable woman has some of the beautiful, and extremely affordable, jewellery pieces by the London-based Daphine. The most popular item so far is the chunky and stackable 8ct gold plated Oli Ring, which you should wear at least two together to get some extra cool points.


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