In times when the term fake news is on everyone's lips, VIENNA ART WEEK is looking for the truth in art, between 15 and 22 November 2019. During this week, Vienna will be laser-focused on its comprehensive art scene and its significance, with more than 200 events all over the city - all under this year's motto MAKING TRUTH.

Once a year, the city of Vienna turns into a huge exhibition. During the 15th edition of VIENNA ART WEEK, 70 program partners from the art scene show their works in more than 200 events. Regarding the motto MAKING TRUTH, artistic director Robert Punkenhofer refers to a quote of Picasso that says "Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth." In times of fake news, it becomes more relevant than ever to see and realize truth around us, and this is precisely what VIENNA ART WEEK wants to convey with its jubilee edition.

Find truth all over the city

A particular highlight this year is the "Open Studio Days" offering the opportunity to see and listen to Vienna's artists in person. About 140 studios open their doors to the Art Week visitors. Besides this special highlight, the program ranges from exhibitions and talks to discussions, tours and guided walks to the MAKING TRUTH line-up with its distinguished guests like Haim Bodek, Sabine Breitwieser (curator and author, Vienna), Eva Illouz (sociologist, Jerusalem), Johann König (KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin), Kenny Schachter (author, curator and art dealer, London), artists Santiago Sierra and Regina José Galindo, filmmakers Svetlana Cemin and Issa Touma, as well as Cesy Leonard (Center for Political Beauty) and Sarah Nankivell (Forensic Architecture). Other festival mainstays include relevant exhibition openings at Mumok – Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, at the Secession, at Belvedere 21, and the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts.

Happy jubilee!