We want to be showered with these gifts too!


If you love jewellery as much as we do, we strongly recommend that you take the first flight to London to see the most amazing jewellery exhibition at Kensington Palace.

For the first time, Queen Victoria’s jewellery will be shown to the public at the exhibition “Victoria Revealed”.

Queen Victoria is the second longest reigning queen in the British Monarchy, her reign lasted 63 years and 7 months whereas Queen Elizabeth II has already reigned for over 65 years and is still going strong! Anyway, going back to Queen Victoria, as Queen of the most powerful and the largest empire in the world, that comprised Great Britain, Ireland and India, naturally Queen Victoria had to have the most amazing collection of stunning jewellery anyone had seen.


Queen Victoria's parure with diamonds and emeralds


Queen Victoria’s husband, the German Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, was much beloved, not only by his wife but also by the British people, because of his involvement in the nation’s life and future. He had an excellent eye for jewellery and design, not to mention his good taste and flair! 

During their happy life together, Prince Albert, who was fascinated by art and technology and was responsible, among many things, for the Great Exhibition of 1851, showered Queen Victoria with impressive gifts. He personally designed, commissioned and closely supervised the making of most of the tiaras worn by his wife the Queen, whose favourite was the breathtaking diamond and emerald tiara Prince Albert designed to complete the suite of necklace, earrings and a brooch with emeralds and diamonds he had already given her before. The biggest emerald in this stunning diadem is a pear-shaped 15 carats gemstone in the center of the headpiece.

Prince Albert is the only Prince consort to have ever designed a diadem for his Queen. By the way, Justin Roberts, who worked preparing the exhibition, said that he had never seen a collection of emeralds of such high quality in his 25 years as a Sotheby’s specialist in jewellery.


Queen Victoria diadem with diamonds and emeralds


Another absolutely amazing item in this exhibition is the Fife tiara, that was made in France and given as a wedding present to Princess Louise, Queen Victoria's granddaughter, by her husband-to-be, the Duke of Fife. Besides the hundreds of stunning diamonds, what seems to me the most impressive in this headpiece is the incredible row of pear-shaped diamonds that are cleverly set as to swing with each head movement, shining and sparkling even more.


The Fife tiara, made for Princess Louise, Queen Victoria granddaughter

Photos via Sotheby's

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Christine Schönburg