Victoria Beckham is Getting Better and Better

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As Victoria Beckham launches her own Youtube channel, with tips on fashion, makeup and styling tutorials, we look back on her style, which is getting better and better, and share with you how to get a Victoria Beckham-inspired wardrobe.

Long gone are her Spice Girls and Posh Spice days. Long gone are also her not-very-posh L.A. days as leader of the WAGs (Footballers Wifes and Girlfriends). Over the years, Victoria Beckham has polished her style and become a sleek and sophisticated wife and mother of four, fashion designer and a successful businesswoman.

We all love her monochrome outfits, the masculine yet sexy suits and classic dresses she wears, and we follow her chic looks season after season.

Victoria Beckham is getting better and better.

So check here some items that you want, you really, really want, and that you should add to your wardrobe to achieve a super chic look like the posh designer who’s already become a style icon.