Because you just have to


It is polite to RSVP when asked to do so. It doesn't matter how many years in history go by, you still need to RSVP. Lets begin right from the top. RSVP is just a short (and posh) abbreviation for “Répondez s'il vous plait” in French (clearly). In other words, “Make sure you let me know whether you are planning on making an appearance or not”. RSVP situations tend to come into the game when there is a big event coming ahead, weddings, big birthday parties or you have an extreme version of a control freak as a friend who has decided to throw a rendezvous (French for get-together – thought I would carry on in the French mode for this one).

So since times and technology have developed and changed, it might be interesting to go through the “new rules” of the modern era on RSVP-ing. Here are some tips on the modern situation of the whole RSVP thing.

1. Do RSVP as soon as humanly possible. It doesn’t cost anything to pick up your brand new phone and dial the party organizer to say, “Hey, I’m coming”.

2. Do RSVP because it is polite to do so (according to my mum).

3. Sometimes wedding invitations might come by post (there are still some romantic people in the planet apparently), however, you are not demanded to answer the same way, it is okay to send and nice and enthusiastic email saying; “Dear Romantic person, thanks for the invitation. I’ll be delighted to be on this very special day of yours. Until then, kindest regards”. What was that? 3 minutes of your life? Good, you can call it a day.

4. In the case you are not going/cant make it by any means/absolutely do not feel like going to the event in question, you can’t just RSVP by saying that you are not coming. There is an existing (unwritten) rule that says that you will have to give an excuse for it. So get that thinking muscle going and spice it up with some good imagination, you are going to need it. 

5. If you have already RSVP-ed there is no way out of it, you HAVE to attend. Unless the world is coming to an end and your dog is literally being eaten by an infected zombie (and have proof of it) or similar. Otherwise, you have to go. Sorry.

6. It’s okay to “extend an RSVPs deadline”. Things like “Let me see if I can get the days off at work” or “I will talk to my husband/mum/cat first and give you an answer ASAP” are totally acceptable in the world of RSVP-ing, so use the joker.