A.k.a. The inescapable


It all started some years ago. We were slowly and strategically trying to exit the never-ending fashion fever of the skinny jeans, by introducing some very 90s pieces and some other many casual jean designs, when all of a sudden the unicorn trend exploded into planet earth without mercy. From then onwards it was inescapable. And our question is, how can we humans create such an insane and popular trend, from something that doesn’t even exist. Well, we believe Japan has a lot to do with it. The Asian giant society has a special type of adoration for such things, and we would definitely have to put some blame on them. They were who started the Unicorn hairstyle. Suddenly everyone over that side of the globe was getting the Unicorn hairstyle.

The trend is characterized by its pastel hues; the everything-shimmery factor and the undeniable good vibe-ish look of it. The popularity of everything unicorn made entities like Starbucks jump eyes closed into the whole movement too.

“I think the unicorn trend is a combination of a lot of factors. Not only do the millennials remember the unicorn as a fun, carefree symbol of their youth, but in confusing times, we want things that provide hope and positivity, and nothing symbolizes that more than the unicorn.” Jane Buckingham, founder of the trend forecasting company Trendera 

sweater and top in glitter pastel rainbow motif, featuring the unicorn fashion trend

lilas coat and pink skirt with feather in pastel color, featuring the unicorn  fashion  trend

Beverages, sandwiches, muffins, cakes and an endless amount of many other things that suffered the “unicorn syndrome” and so did fashion. Ever since the trend became “the trend” we have seen, t-shirts, jackets, accessories all of them following the trend without a question and we have to say, it does look quite cool on. So if you are thirsty for some positivity, why not scroll down below and fill your closet with some unicorn vibes?