The early bird catches the worm


We already showed you the best sale pieces and also the most important trends for fall. You might have browsed through them, but thought “nah, not now”, but let us tell you: there won´t be any better time to buy the best trend pieces. The new collections have already arrived, the last discounts are still going on and the lookbooks are very promising. So, how could you say no to some shopping? We did some research and found the trends that have increased in popularity over the past few weeks, which you should absolutely check out.


Wait what… pink suits? Yes, you have heard correctly. Since fall is all about being unconventional this year, these bright or pastel suits are definitely the right choice. Paired with a graphic tee, a nice blouse, some heels or even sneakers, it will make you stick out of the grey and monotonous mass.

Pink suits_fall trend_fashion must have_buy now_


Rose gold is so 2017. This year we are going back to basics with gold. Earrings, especially hoops (the rather big ones) have been quite popular these past months and will also be your jewellery companion in fall. They spice up your look, make a statement and say “Here I am!” without being too in your face.

gold hoop earrings_fall trend_fashion must have_buy now_


You think crochet is for summer? Well, think again. One of our favourite materials is a pretty good fall staple when worn in the right colours. Rusty orange, olive green, a dark red or navy blue make the summer garment totally wearable in fall.

crochet_fall trend_fashion must have_buy now_


Beaded bags are EVERYWHERE! You haven´t got one? Then now is the time, because a beaded bag is not just a bag. It can be seen as jewellery (just as the chain belts we have already talked about) that highlights your outfit and gives it that extra glam. 

beaded bags_fall trend_fashion must have_buy now_

Photos via Shutterstock, WGSN and Mango