One of the 2018 big trends in jewellery is layering. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly a new trend, it is a comeback, but in 2018 the layered jewellery trend is kind of architectural, not just a bunch of necklaces put together.

Giambattista Valli showed us how to layer with perfection in his latest show, with ultra-thin chains of different lengths, each one with a pendant.

In 2018, you won’t need to choose among your favourite necklaces; you can wear them all at once, the more, the merrier, as long as you curate well your baubles to achieve the perfect layering effect.

Pay attention to the length of your chains so that you don’t have them overlapping each other.

The really cool girls and influencers are telling a story with their layered jewellery, hanging on their chains sentimental baubles, heirloom medals, vintage lucky charms or any other pendant that symbolises something they cherish.

The ultra-thin and delicate chains, like a cascade of gold, bring sexiness and brighten up any outfit, they look especially beautiful on a plain T-shirt or with a deep-cleavage blouse or dress. 

So, go right now open your jewellery box and look for those long-forgotten Christening and Christmas presents your grand-mother and parents gave you because it’s time to wear your memories and stories on your neck!

Christine Schönburg

images via Pinterest,  Instagram @susirejano