Hergé’s style inspo: the iconic Tintin outfits to wear every day Great snakes!

There are comics books and comic books, and then, there is Tintin, the young reporter with an iconic style, immortalized by Hergé. The signature look of Tintin is traditional, with plenty of timeless pieces that he wears in his own unique style. Think of trench coats, baggy pants and chic Oxford and double-monk shoes, a wardrobe that would be the envy of hipsters all over the world. For us, girls, the classic clothes Tintin wears in Hergé’s books are a great source of inspiration for outfits to wear every day.

Georges Remi, the Belgian cartoonist AKA Hergé, wrote 24 books about the adventures of Tintin. The reporter with a quiff hairstyle travels worldwide, solving mysteries with his dog Snowy and friend Captain Haddock, who always exclaims hilarious curses and insults. The first book appeared in 1929, and the series became one of the most popular comics of the 20th century. Last year, an illustration of Tintin, which Hergé painted for the cover of a book of the series in 1936, sold in an auction for a record 3.2 million euros. Check next how to wear Tintin style looks.

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Wear Tintin trousers for stylish everyday looks

Tintin is usually in Plus Fours, the baggy trousers that end with a tight band around the knee. Very fashionable in the ‘20s, the trousers became popular among golfers. You can recreate the famous Tintin style by rolling up your trousers or wear them tucked inside long socks or boots. By the way, wide-leg pants tucked inside longer ankle boots have been this winter’s go-to look of fashionistas and influencers.

Jodhpur trousers with boots

Tintin In The Congo

The Indian Maharaja of Jodhpur designed these trousers to play polo more comfortably. Coco Chanel and the aviator Amelia Earhart were the first high-profile women to wear tapered pants, making them very popular. Wear them like Tintin on his adventure in Congo, paired with equestrian-style boots. But they look equally fab with ankle boots, loafers, and pumps.

Wear a suit and vest, the timeless Tintin style

Hergé's Tintin with Snowy and Captain Haddock.
Tintin In The Congo

The young reporter looks dapper in his two-piece brown suit and off-white vest. Wear the classic Tintin look, and inspired by his incredibly contemporary silhouette, tuck the trousers inside your boots to walk in the park in style or to a meeting.

Tintin and his trench coat

The style of Tintin and most detectives in cartoons and movies have one thing in common, they all wear the hero of outwear, the elegant trench coat. With spring around the corner, this is the best transitional piece to have. And since trenchcoats are absolutely timeless, you can find accessible luxury designer coats in second-hand shops.

Yellow raincoat to brighten rainy days

Another staple in your wardrobe is a practical raincoat. So get ready to face rainy days in style next season and wear a yellow raincoat like Tintin. By the way, you will wear a lot this vibrant hue this year since Pantone chose yellow and grey as the colours of 2021.

Oriental look to celebrate the Year of the Ox

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with orient-style outfits like the one Tintin wears in Hergé’s illustrations for The Blue Lotus.

Tartan skirt for a Scottish adventure

Tintin The Black Island

In Tintin The Black Island, Hergé’s brave detective wears a Scottish-style skirt. The always on-point tartan is our favourite winter look. Pair a plaid skirt with a cosy turtleneck for an easy-to-wear every-day outfit. And carry your keys, lipstick and credit card in the practical belt-bag.

Now, curl up with a cosy blanket and your Tintin books while you enjoy some delicious breads and croissants from the best bakeries in Vienna.


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