Cover your legs in colour!


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Fall means pumpkin spiced lattes (so basic, we know), long walks in the afternoon sun and getting cosy with a good book. Fall also means tights. Some hate them, some love them, but it is a fact that they are inevitable when you want to wear skirts and dresses in fall. 
We normally feel the most comfortable with black tights. They elongate the legs, look classy and automatically add that French I-am-effortlessly-chic-no-matter-what touch to your outfit. 

Time to wear tights

Colourful or even patterned tights are a very delicate topic as they remind us of our days in kindergarten where our moms (yes, we blame it on them) would put us into bright orange tights and paired them with a green pinafore dress. This uber stylish combination made us look like a freshly harvested carrot or Twinnie popsicle back then, #stylegoals.

Time to wear tights

Things have changed though and colourful tights don´t have to be an awful childhood memory anymore. Labels like Tom Ford, Kenzo, Prada or Ulla Johnson demonstrate that bold and patterned tights are totally chic. They look especially cool if you wear them in the same tone or pattern as the rest of your outfit. The bold and striking colours catch the eye and point the way in fall. Don´t be shy and cover your legs in colour (or pattern)!

Time to wear tights

Photo via WGSN