The 90ies trend might become your favourite summer look


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Remember craft classes at primary school? Pottery making, carving and last but not least: tie-dying. You wore your selfmade shirts and leggings with pride before they slowly but surely became PJ material or turned into something you would wear to repaint your living room. While tie-dye still remained a thing on pillowcases or wall decor (combined with some straw accessories and lots of cacti), it disappeared from the fashion world almost completely… until now. It is time to get all 90ies again and pull out your favourite pieces from that time (or get your hands one some cool new ones).

But how should you combine your tie-dyed pieces without looking like a reincarnation of your 6-year old self? At all costs let your cargo pants, flip flops, scrunchies and wooden jewellery stay at the back of your closet. Instead pair your tie-dye items with tailored blazers, elegant sandals and a designer handbag. We are pretty sure that if you add quality and elegance to your look, you can make a colourful and summery statement and prove that this trend is not just for school kids or the lady who sells the crystals at the mall.

Photo: M1992, WGSN