because we want you to glow!


We've all seen plenty of Instagram tutorials on how to use makeup to look fab, but what if I told you that you could look radiant and with a flawless skin without all that makeup too?
If when you wake up your skin seems dry or too oily, dull or uneven, you probably aren't taking care of it the way you should.

The good news is that, more important than going to star dermatologists, having facials and other complicated - and sometimes painful - treatments, a few simple changes in your daily skin care routine and life style can make your skin splendid.

So here are the things you should never do to your skin:

1- Long hot baths

Hot water isn't good for your skin. Although long steaming showers and baths are very relaxing and enjoyable, they really dry your skin out and can cause itching and rashes as hot water robs the natural oils and proteins from your skin. Try to lower the water temperature or have shorter baths. The way you dry yourself is important too, do not rub the towel vigorously, you should pat yourself gently instead, only to remove the excess of water, and apply a moisturizer straight away, before you're completely dry, so to lock the moisture in your skin.

2- Washing your face too much

I'm sure you know all too well that you should never ever go to bed with make up on but there is no need to scrub and rub so much to remove your makeup. In fact, too much rubbing can irritate and damage your skin and also take away all the natural oils, forcing it to produce more oils. Use a proper makeup remover, applying it with a gentle massage, let it "soak" on your face for a few seconds and then remove it with a cotton pad, without scrubbing. After that, you must wash your face to remove all the residues otherwise, when you apply the moisturizer, you can push dirt into your skin's pores.

3- Exfoliating too much

Getting rid of dead cells is a good way to achieve a glowing and younger-looking skin but you must be careful not to over do it or you will end up with an irritated and red skin, especially if you use anti-aging products containing AHA, an alpha-hydroxy acid that already is a chemical exfoliator.

4- Not using sun protection all year round

UVB rays are very strong during summer but UVA rays are constant all year round. Although UVA rays won't burn your skin, they contribute to skin aging and even skin cancer! UVA rays can pass through glass windows and clouds so choose a moisturizer with SPF 30 and use it everyday, even in cloudy days.

5- Not getting enough sleep

It is when you're sleeping that your skin works the hardest to repair damaged cells and create new ones. It is also at night that the creams you use penetrate deeper and work the best. This is why at least 7 hours of "beauty-sleep" a night are essential.

6- Getting a Tan

A bit of sun is wonderful, it gives you vitamin D and a little colour to your cheeks, but laying hours in the sun can cause sunburn and wrinkles, not to mention that being too tanned is extremely tacky.
Worse than that, only if you lay in a tanning bed! This is an absolute horror your are inflicting to your skin because you are exposed to UVA rays 12 times stronger than if you were sunbathing outdoors and the chances of having a melanoma increase by 20%.

7- Not drinking enough water

Your skin, and all of your body as a matter of fact, need to be hydrated.
Get used to drinking plenty of water regularly. The results will be far more effective than all the beauty products you've been using. 

8- Drinking too much alcohol

Sorry girls, I don't want to rain on your parade, but alcohol is terrible for your skin, too much of it dries your skin out and makes it look dull as it slows down the renew of the cells. Of course, one or two glasses now and again are more than okay!

9- Smoking

Tobacco is one of your worst enemies. Cigarettes are filled with toxins that have terrible effects in your skin too. It causes early aging and sagging and the skin loses all its brightness, turning grayish and dull. 

So now that you know all the DOs and DON'Ts to have a wonderful skin, you'll be ready in no time for the "no makeup look" that many girls have already adopted.