Its Lara Croft, Baby!


Alicia Vikander is officially the new Lara Croft. After more than 15 years of the debut of Angelina Jolie as the main character of the Tom Raider production, the Swedish born actress is ready to show the world what she has to give. And if presenting that movie wasn’t already enough for her, she has also posed for some of the biggest fashion campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton. But this 29-year-old northern European actress and model has clearly no limits. She has also been asked to pose for the cover of Vogue and we cannot wait to see the results of it in the next Vogue.

The Nordic girl has caught our hearts ever since she started appearing on the big screen. She claims to use no make-up and to have a rather minimal beauty routine. Lucky her.

"For events, I do use make-up but normally I don't. I might use a bit of eyebrow pencil and a lipstick but nothing else. I think it's one of the things I've been very lucky with. Because I don't use much make-up I do find it fun to try things. I have my little skincare routine - I do masks and a peel two or three times a week."

Apart from her fortunate minimal beauty routine, the Swedish it-girl also loves to travel lightly, even though often she has to pack three different bags: one for shoes, one for clothes and one for the rest. She believes black and grey matches everything. Scandinavians simply do it better.

In terms of style, Vikander is the queen of the casual look. Less is more is clearly her style motto. She rocks the Nordic palette like the star she is and says she loves it because “it’s just simple”.

“…I still have three bags but… then clothes it's like two pairs of jeans, two T-shirts, two dresses, all in black - very Scandinavian and Swedish! It's just easy."


Photos via Shutterstock