Statement pieces that enhance your look


Photo: Rejina Pyo

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From time to time we tend to get bored with our wardrobe and although we have some cool pieces that we really like, our look sometimes needs a little upgrade. While the basic items give your outfit that laid-back and effortless look, accessories are what really make a difference and add that little something, don´t you think? They turn a simple look into something special or a daytime outfit into nighttime attire. Accessories can be a statement and the most eye-catching piece or they just underline and complement your outfit in a subtle way. We thought of the accessories that immediately enhance your wardrobe and want to share our favourite items.


Loafers can be preppy just as they can be cool. The British shoe basically works with every style and is a must have item. Especially in fall, they are the perfect footwear both for sunny and rainy weather. Different patterns, embellished with stones, tassels and buckets or plain and in patent leather - loafers are your go-to shoes for an improved look!




Monogram is a thing, has always been and probaly always will be! It transforms your scarf, bag or shoes into something personal and unique. The patterned pieces add some detail to every outfit and are essential in everyone´s closet (not least because the logo/monogram trend is back).



A silk scarf is an extremely versatile accessory that you can never go wrong with! You can wear it around your neck, as a hair accessory, wrap it around your bag or even (if it is long enough) wear it as a belt. The beautiful prints are suitable for every season and probably will never go out of style. Also, always keep the eyes open for a vintage one!




The logo belt… you can say about it whatever you want, love it or hate it, but it is a fact that it catches a lot of attention and is definitely something that upgrades your wardrobe. Logos are super on trend anyway and getting such a belt thus seems to be the right investment.




We don´t have to tell you that a high-quality bag is always worth investing in, but when you can´t decide which one to get, we highly recommend a geometric cut one. They look sleek, elegant as well as cool and we promise, they always improve your outfit. The new shapes include triangles, boxes, cylinders, buckets and many more – hello math class!