The tops you need for perfect office looks

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If there’s one piece of garment we underrate when going shopping, that’s the blouse, but a top can make or break your office look. We know it’s so much more exciting to buy that mint oversized pant-suit, a checkered blazer and leopard pencil skirt or those wonderful shimmering pants you’re dying to have, but you shouldn’t forget that once you’re sitting at your desk, well, not many will see the fab purple boots your wearing.

To look – and feel – good at work you need the right outfit, that’s clear, so you want a top that looks professional and serious but also feminine, sexy and fun. Contradictory? Not at all; in fashion, you can have your cake and eat it! 

tops for a perfect office look - street style milan- Caroline Issa

For the perfect office wardrobe, you have to choose your tops carefully. Always go for good-quality blouses and shirts that you can match with different outfits and that transition nicely from office to night-out because one is only human, right? Better have a few well-picked stylish garments than dozens of tops that aren’t office-appropriate. Power dressing is all about how we present ourselves to others, and the good news is that nowadays, women can send the right message of confidence and efficiency without having to emulate men’s office style. Sorry, Cindy,  girls don”t “just wanna have fun”, they want to work hard AND have fun.



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