The New Denim you will need – and want – in 2019

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Year in, year out, no matter what season, jeans are one of the pillars of our wardrobes, and with each new season comes new denim.

We’ve had so many different cuts and styles; skinny jeans, for way too long, then came the boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and cropped jeans. While we love high-rise jeans, we’re excited about a new – and more flattering – look that we will start seeing around pretty soon, that’s the jeans that sits just above your hips, not too high, not too low, not too tight nor too baggy, and with the classic straight leg. It is a more relaxed and effortless style with a vintage feel.

If you are wondering where do we go from here denim-wise, we have the answer for you. Keep scrolling down to find out this year’s four major denim trends so that you can – and should – update the most beloved and versatile staple in your wardrobe.

So here is what 2019 has in store for you, pardon the pun:


Tired of blue jeans? Well, aren’t you lucky! In 2019 we’ll be wearing white jeans instead. We love the white-on-white look for winter too!

Bleach Washed

Remember those two-tone jeans that were washed with bleach for the faded and worn-out look that was a must in the ’80s? They’re back! But please, leave the hairspray alone.


Another big hit from the ’80s, distressed jeans are a bleach washed denim taken a step further. Balmain had already brought the ripped and bleach faded jeans back ten years ago, and we’re at it again.


We’ve seen patchwork jeans before, but in 2019, the denim patchwork will be more subtle and modern, like two jeans deconstructed and put back together mixed, one leg in lighter denim than the other, the legs different from the waist and so on.


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