The most beautiful gowns of the Paris Couture Spring 2019 shows

Spring 2019 Couture shows in Paris were, as expected, breathtaking! The Haute Couture world took us to a fantasy realm with statement evening gowns fit for queens, fairies and mermaids. Above all, haute couture shows are where luxury fashion designers can indulge in imagination and poetical dreams. After uncountable hours of hard work, the highly skilled Petites Mains and artisans made these dreams a reality for Paris Couture Spring 2019.

It is almost impossible to pick the most beautiful gowns for this spring. Nevertheless, keep scrolling for some of our favourite looks of the Paris Couture Week 2019.


The most beautiful gowns for Balmain Spring 2019.

Olivier Rousteing has been Balmain’s creative director for the past nine years. He is also responsible for the luxury label’s popularity and sexy and edgy looks. Rousteing said the revival of the haute couture atelier was about “bringing back Balmain to the elegance of La France. Everything you see will give you the sense that it’s taken from the ideas of Mr Balmain”. In fact, Rousteing looked for inspiration in the archives of the luxury fashion house. As a result, the collection was theatrical, with a lot of tulle and gigantic bows.

Zuhair Murad

Three Zuhair Murad gowns at Paris Couture Spring 2019.

Zuhair Murad said that “my woman wants to be seen”, and with his Spring 19 collection, she definitely will. It seemed that the designer created opulent dresses for mermaids. To clarify, the ruffled gowns came in hues of blue degrade, turquoise, aqua, or nude with embroidered corals. Additionally, we saw gowns with embroidered sheer chiffon trains fit for the most beautiful queen of the underwater world.

Viktor & Rolf

Three couture looks by Viktor & Rolf Spring 2019.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren took the idea of sending messages with your clothing. And they did it literally with their spring 2019 collection, which they named “Fashion Statement”. The 18 spectacular Viktor&Rolf colourful tulle gowns with exaggerated volumes had slogans. For instance, “No photos, please”, “Give a damn”, “I am my own muse” and my personal favourite; “I’m not shy, I just don’t like you”.


Valentino's most beautiful gowns at Paris Couture Spring 2019.

Valentino’s couture show was highly emotional. Certainly, Celine Dion wiping her tears theatrically may have seemed a bit excessive and became an instant meme. But apparently, she wasn’t the only one moved to tears by the beauty of the Valentino spring 2019 collection. Both Laura Brown, of InStyle magazine and Samira Nasr, of Vanity Fair, admitted they’d cried too. Additionally, Edward Enninful, British Vogue editor-in-chief, wrote on Instagram that it was possibly the most emotional show he’d ever watched. In other words, Pierpaolo Piccioli colourful creations for Valentino were indeed unbelievably beautiful, glamorous and flawless.

The designer said that “You don’t invent colour, but you can invent new harmonies for colour”. And this was precisely what he did. The unexpected combinations of hues were fantastic. For example, a chocolate blouse worn with emerald pants and an almond and coral coat was to die for. Similarly, a bright red gown with lilac ruffled cape, and tangerine pants worn with a lavender cloak were just fantastic. Each of the 65 looks had a flower name. And some models wore petals as eye-lashes, making the ball gowns even dreamier.

Iris van Herpen

Three dreamy couture gowns by Iris Van Herpen.

The Dutch designer presented sculptural creations with hand-plissé volumes. The undulating layers of white translucent silk were outlined in black or layers of degrades and beautiful colour combinations. Van Herpen explored customizable technologies with the help of a former NASA engineer turned artist, Kim Keever, to create the organza volumes. The models seemed covered by clouds, petals or butterfly wings, like part of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Chanel's most beautiful gowns at Paris Couture Spring 2019.

The inspiration for Chanel Spring 2019 collection were the delicate china flowers produced by the porcelain factories in Vincennes for Madame de Pompadour, King Louis’ mistress. The gowns with flowers and feathers were delicate and extremely feminine. Everything was, as usual, perfect. Sadly, the 85-year-old Karl Lagerfeld was feeling tired hence did not appear to take the final bow. This was the first time since 1983 when he took over the French luxury house. Instead, Lagerfeld sent Virginie Viard, the creative studio director of the iconic fashion house, to represent him. She has been working with him since 1987 and rumour has it that she will be Lagerfeld’s successor. Could this be a sign that the time for the Kaiser to retire has arrived?


Three Christian Dior couture dresses.

Maria Grazia Chiuri transformed the Musee Rodin into a circus big top tent for Christian Dior’s spring 2019 couture show. Therefore, an all-women troupe of circus acrobats from London shared the runway with models. And the beautiful looks were inspired by circus ballerinas, acrobats and ringleaders.


Three Schiaparelli couture gowns for spring.

The artistic director Bertrand Guyon took Elsa Schiaparelli’s childhood memoirs to create the spring 2019 collection. He used the elements dear to the eccentric designer: the constellations and flowers, which by the way, as a little girl, she wanted to grow from her ears to cover her face, so she put seeds in her ears. Consequently, the looks were playful, colourful and fresh. And the cowboy boots with stars were a nice contrast to some of the feminine silhouettes.